July 20, 2018

Mr President, Nigerians are restless by Pearl Osibu

Mr President, Nigerians are restless by Pearl Osibu
Muhammadu Buhari at an APC rally
President Muhammadu Buhari at an APC rally

Dear President Buhari,

May I however belatedly (better late than never right?) congratulate you on your victory at the polls and on your successful swearing in. Many of us went from completely hopeless and disillusioned to ‘mmm, Nigeria can be great again’. Not to mention that every Nigerian has learnt a lesson in perseverance and the fact that as a people, we have power. Immense power.


Anyway, the elections have come and gone and while, hopefully, politicians will remain politicians, you sir will understand that we did not bring you on for yet more politicking. We have had quite enough. You see that platform of integrity and honesty you stood on which allowed us swallow our many doubts and say this is exactly what we need at a time like this, a man of courage and determination and nerves of steel, an iron backbone and a low tolerance for bullshit, stand firm on it, unwavering. It’s been two weeks and many will say it’s just two weeks, but no, while we do not expect a sudden cure to the ills that plague us, we need direction. A clear direction.

So we ask, which way, sir?

Speak to us for we are listening. Where is your rudder, sir? Your inaugural speech was awe-inspiring and all that jazz but we are aware you were talking to the world. Now talk to Nigeria. Tell us how you intend to steer the ship of this great country back to some semblance of greatness, back to something we can be proud of. It has been a long time since we were proud, to be honest.

It’s been two weeks and I hope you understand patience is not our greatest suit. The elections are over. Like it or not, you are now OUR president, not THEIRS, not APC, but OURS, all of us and we have owned you. Help us buy in emotionally. Don’t turn us into defence ministers for you. It’s not a sexy position.

So much has happened in two weeks.

It would appear your family has not keyed into your vision of simplicity.

It would appear your party is a house divided.

It would appear you are suddenly relaxed about prosecuting criminals. And hey, what’s up with the PIB?

It would appear your Vice-President is being left out of security briefings for the most ludicrous reasons.

It would appear you have hardly been in the country two nights in a row since after the inauguration (all for good reasons I’d like to believe).

But can we please not be left second-guessing? Can we be carried along? Can we be made to feel that the reins are not already slipping out of your hands? Can we be reassured that we were not wrong about you, that you have gotten what you wanted and already resting on your oars (what oars anyhow?) Can we see that the one month (and how many years was it now?) you had before the inauguration was spent drawing a clear plan for leading this country and that you are not too stunned by your victory to comprehend that that was just the starting point?

We would like to imagine that you watched carefully where the past administration got it wrong and will now do everything in your power to ensure that you do not repeat the same mistakes that led it to the gallows. Can you place people who will ensure that at every point your take an honest pulse of the people and be ready to reassure whenever and wherever uncertainty/confusion/mistrust should arise, not sycophants telling you what you want to hear and making you feel good while the people are crying for your blood?

Sir, would you take charge? We understand that we may not be made privy to the tactics you wish to employ to check corruption, but can we at least be made to see that you are on it? Surely, your amazing speechwriters have not deserted you now. Surely, you have not lost the ability to work the chords of our hearts as you did these last few months but which are starting to beat an ever-slowing and uncertain tattoo. Because while we may not be hasty to call for your head, make no mistake, when we begin, WE WILL NOT STOP. Don’t let it start. You have too strong an opposition to relax even a bit.

You cannot afford it.

Signed; Concerned Citizen Osibu.

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  2. yomi

    How would anyone expect Buhari to sort out all the mess of the past 6 years in few weeks? Buhari needs time ( 100 days at least ) to sort out things and give us his solutions to the problems Nigerians are facing.. I bet the past administration made efforts to conceal all their bad transactions and we should not expect the new administration to act without informed guidelines.


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