March 25, 2019

MTN launches mPulse with hundreds of families

MTN launches mPulse with hundreds of families

MTN Nigeria recently launched mPulse, a proposition designed for tweens and teens between the age of nine and 16 that blends fun, learning and technology.

Adekunle Adebiyi, Sales and Distribution Executive, MTN Nigeria, explained that the proposition has created an environment for tweens and teens to work, grow and shine.

Omotayo George, Senior Manager, Youth and Teens Segment, MTN Nigeria, said that the proposition was an effort to fill a gap for the Nigerian tweens and teens. She explained that mPulse is a partnership with the best in the world to bring the right content that was both fun for the young ones and parents could also monitor.

With hundreds of young adults gathered at the Landmark Events Centre, mPulse has found the perfect fit.

There were games everywhere you turned, whether the ones you could touch like life-sized ludo, monopoly to virtual games. The kids were ecstatic to say the least!

There was also no shortage of talent in the room: from the little ones playing with plasticine in the corner to wunderkinds like Waris Kareem of Waspa Art, who showed off immense artistic skills.

Plus, food was literally tumbling out of every corner. There were cupcakes, pizza, sandwiches and so much more yummy delights.

The young ones wrapped up the day with excitement – it had been a great day for fun and learning all rolled up in one.

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