MTN Nigeria paints Lagos Y’ello on awareness about Rhesus factor

MTN Nigeria paints Lagos Y’ello on awareness about Rhesus factor

MTN Nigeria staff, otherwise known as MTNers took to the streets of Lagos for the Y’ello Walk on Friday, June 8, 2018, part of the company’s yearly 21 Days of Y’ello Care campaign.

This year, the 21 Day campaign is tagged “Creating a Brighter Future” and the Y’ello Walk was to raise awareness for Rhesus Gene Deficiency and child mortality in Nigeria.

Rhesus factor is a protein that can be found on the surface of red blood cells; the presence of this protein means you are RH positive, the absence means RH negative, and consequently Rhesus incompatibility raises problems during pregnancy.

Before heading out, the participants did some stretching exercises to prepare for the long walk from Ikoyi to Obalende and back!

The Y’ello Walk began at the MTN Nigeria Headquarters, Ikoyi, with very spirited participants who were excited to spread awareness of the gene deficiency.

They eagerly spread the word on Rhesus Gene Deficiency and child mortality to passers-by and motorists.

Then the Y’ello Walk reached its destination – Obalende – and the participants showed off their ‘Shaku-shaku’ skills. We will call it the “Y’ello Shaku-Shaku”!

And then it was time for the ‘Y’ello Hello’! Everyone said Y’ello to a passer-by on the bridge who wanted to take a picture…

It was a sight to see the streets of Lagos in Y’ello for a great cause.

Everywhere you turned, all you could see was Y’ello!

The MTNers returned to the headquarters where the walk ended with a photo session.

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