MTN’s #ManInTheBox: 4 reasons its Nigeria’s biggest marketing stunt

MTN’s #ManInTheBox: 4 reasons its Nigeria’s biggest marketing stunt

Yeah yeah…we all know that some people have feigned death just to kickstart their music career, but then again, we all know how that ended.

So let’s just agree that MTN deserves some accolades for pulling off the #ManInTheBox stunt. Agree? Great!

If you follow Nigerian social media, you’re probably overwhelmed trying to keep up with a gazillion weird things that happen almost every day. If it’s not Igwe Tupac, claiming that he deserves some accolades, Davido is in our face with his expensive “Assurance” to his babe, Chioma.

Those have been the two most trending topics in a long while. Well, not until MTN decided to open an office in a billboard. Now we are not referring to an image or visual design of a man in an office slapped on a billboard wall, but rather a legit real office, well furnished with a living human being working day and night like a wall clock.

Well it was expected that the whole Nigerian blogosphere will go crazy over this amazing stunt for good reason and it did. If you think that’s an overreaction, here are four of the many things people have said and done online to validate this stunt of the century.

1. #ManInTheBox deserves some accolades – King of Accolades, Igwe Tupac

They say a picture is worth a thousand words abi. Well, let’s overdo this abit, here’s a video of Igwe Tupac himself popping for the #ManInTheBox

2. Lasisi Elenu was dumbfounded and astounded at the same time

Rave of the moment (actually he’s been raving since last August) Lasisi Elenu, couldn’t hide his surprise too. Baba in his usual manner, ranted like crazy.

3. A newly wedded couple took their wedding reception to the #maninthebox

Yes you read that right. A newly wedded couple left their wedding reception to go take pictures with the #ManInTheBox. And some people will still doubt that this stunt is not gangstar?!!

4.  BBC Pidgin showed up to check out the #maninthebox

The man stepped out of the box four days later and it turned out that MTN had been behind the campaign the whole time.

The campaign is said to have been created to relaunch MTN Nigeria’s Enterprise Business Solutions, MTN Business.

Reputable sources in MTN have said that the telco’s aim with the #ManInTheBox campaign is to  help businesses set off on a sustainable growth path, and enable governments to make positive impact on people’s lives, whether through connectivity, communication, collaboration or cloud solutions. This will be done by allowing business owners access to them via, listening and consulting to gain a clear understanding of what keeps the business owners up at night, their circumstances, pain-points, ambitions and priorities

It was also revealed that In addition to several other benefits, companies that get in touch will enjoy some visibility, as their products and services will be displayed on MTN LED boards free of charge.

So there you have it. MTN’s #ManInThebox is Nigeria’s biggest publicity stunt of the century and it’s not even an exaggeration, but as you are a typical Nigerian, you will still argue. Sha drop your comments and let’s know any other stunt that’s good enough to untie the shoelaces of the #ManInTheBox.

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