Mugabe has always been a pawn for the power-hungry (Thezimbabwean)

Mugabe has always been a pawn for the power-hungry (Thezimbabwean)

If there is one thing I completely agree with what the military said, during their so-called ‘operation restore legacy’ in November 2017, is that, then Zimbabwe president Robert Gabriel Mugabe was surrounded by people who were manipulating him for their own selfish political power ambitions.

How did the military and their political friends – who eventually took over power – know this? …simply because they also did the same to Mugabe. As much as, then First Lady Grace and her G40 cabal took advantage of Mugabe’s advanced age to manipulate him into all manner of schemes to enable them to rid the ruling ZANU PF party of their Lacoste factional rivals, it is important to note that this was not the first time – nor was it the last time – that he had been surrounded by such power-hungry manipulators. Read more

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