Mugabe and Zuma at loggerheads

Mugabe and Zuma at loggerheads

Tension is simmering between Presidents Robert Mugabe and Jacob Zuma in the wake of recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

Embassy and local foreign affairs sources told The Zimbabwean that Mugabe reacted angrily to Zuma’s statements on the xenophobia that broke out in Durban last month, resulting in the displacement of thousands of foreign nationals – many of them Zimbabwean .

Zuma, while condemning the attacks, blamed the governments of countries from which millions of economic refugees have come for bad governance, which he said has driven the immigrants into South Africa.

“As much as we have a problem that is alleged to be xenophobic, our sister countries contribute to this. Why are their citizens not in their countries and are in South Africa?” said Zuma. Mugabe, the sources said, felt the jibe was mainly targeted at him as Zimbabwe contributes a big number of economic and political refugees resident in South Africa. Read more


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