May 20, 2018

Mugabe wins China’s Confucius Peace Prize

Mugabe wins China’s Confucius Peace Prize

Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean dictator, has been named the winner of this year’s Confucius Prize, otherwise known as “China’s Nobel Peace Prize.”

Mugabe may not seem like the obvious choice for a peace prize, given his brutal, repressive 28-year rule of Zimbabwe that has been marked by torture and killing of political opponents and destruction of the local economy. But the Confucius Prize appears to be judged by different parameters than other peace prizes.

The Confucius Peace Prize Committee was established in 2010, the same year that the Nobel committee was preparing to award a peace prize to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo. Tan Changliu, its chairman at the time, expressed a wish to promote world peace from “an Eastern perspective.” Read more

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