MULTIPLE BIRTH: Many babies for the price of one

MULTIPLE BIRTH: Many babies for the price of one

When a mother gives birth to a large number of babies at one time, the world never ceases to be fascinated. Twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets septuplets, octuplets, etc;  the list appears endless.

Nigeria’s first known multiple birth babies were sextuplets (six babies).  Historical and medical records show that their birth dates back over 110 years ago to 1907 when an unnamed 19-year-old woman from the South East region was delivered of six babies in a row after a short labour. Although it is not known what their male/female sex ratio was or how many of the babies eventually survived, the event elicited drama and a graphic insight as to just how demanding all multiple births can be. For several decades, multiple births have been a regular feature in Nigeria, specifically, since the late 1970s. The incidence of multiple births in Nigeria is about 1 in 17 of all maternities, compared to the national average of 1 in 22, unarguably one of the highest rates in the whole world.  Read more


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