MUNICH TERROR: ’11 dead’ in rampage across city

MUNICH TERROR: ’11 dead’ in rampage across city

German police are on the scene and urging people to avoid the area – as three gunmen armed with “long rifles” opened fire “randomly” into the crowd at the shopping centre. Reports say there are 11 dead and 20 life threatening injuries, and a state of emergency has been declared.

One of the shooters allegedly yelled “I’m a German” and “f*** foreigners” as he opened fire. There are reports of further shooting at Karlsplatz square in central Munich and the situation is still developing.

So far there are three confirmed shooters and all currently remain at large – with police admitting “they have no idea” where the perpatrators are. This latest attack took place a week after an axe-wielding teenager went on a rampage on a German train. Sharpshooters, helicopters and special forces have been deployed into the chaos. Read more


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