Musings: Feminism Needs Men

Musings: Feminism Needs Men

Dismissing the other side entirely won’t mitigate the problem.

The move for the advancement of feminism as with any cultural paradigm shift happens, and is consensual. It works with an agreement and acknowledgement on both sides of the argument.

Adapting a culture of dismissing the other side completely, disregarding any opportunity for assimilation, is to eliminate a problem with a short-sighted solution rather than taking a holistic approach towards raising awareness and forming a society where both sides coexist in developing a sense of humility and kindness.

Due to years of brutal oppression at the hands of men, there is an understandable lack of trust. I am certain it is empowering for women to finally have a say. This is mostly because of the atrocities they’ve suffered at the hands of the opposing gender.

An extreme defiance born out of dividing genders won’t lead to assimilation. It would lead to further division and dismissive behavior due to lack of understanding. As well as the will to educate the future in understanding the problem.

To bring justice and awareness to the issues women face is crucial, but dismissing men entirely will not help.

Further adversity.

As history has shown us many a times—hatred only breeds further hatred.

Feminism is not a cancer, but it’s starting to appear as such to many men.

Women revel in the fact that men are finally being held accountable. And now there are men who are too scared to even voice their opinion. They reserve their opinion out of fear of being misunderstood.

The term “triggered” has started to circulate amongst men. Men feel anything they say will upset the opposing gender. When in fact, maybe the more eloquent solution is to have a non-confrontational conversation.

It’s not easy, of course, how could it be? The very fabric of trust has been shredded, and the animosity is more prevalent than it was before.

Men won’t try to understand a problem if women are unwilling to explain it.

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We know we’ve done wrong, but much like prison, castrating rather than rehabilitating, will only result in a further vile reaction.

Men will start to walk away while being silent, in fear of being misunderstood.

Good men will be shamed for standing beside women; because being a feminist as a man, is now labelled as being a “Soy-Boy” by men who are too afraid to acknowledge the problems at hand.

Women have suffered atrocities that countless men can’t relate to, probably won’t want to relate to. This is because it’s too damn hard to get a man to admit he acted like a “predator”.

It’s much easier to label people.

Men will label feminists who they do not wish to understand as “lunatics”.

Women who wish to dismiss all men entirely in the name of feminism will label them as “sexists”.

Nobody likes to listen to an individual who shouts, “ME ME ME ME ME!”.

Ever wonder why individuals who have been convicted of a crime fall back into criminal behaviour? They do this rather than seek remorse and penance.

Because they aren’t rehabilitated and aren’t “welcome” back into a society where they wish to accomplish “change”.

Nobody wants to a hire a criminal, and nobody wants to give them a second chance.

They’re not allowed an opportunity to assimilate.

They’re dismissed.

Forgotten of.

Not worthy of a second look.

So they believe what they’ve been told all their life. The simple philosophy “If society expects nothing better of me, maybe that’s the best I can be”.

Learned helplessness, a culture where one will only view themselves as to how society presents them to be.

You grow up in a culture of violence, you inhibit the same qualities — because that’s all you know, and that’s the only language you’ve been taught in order to communicate, in order to get a message across.

You become a product of your environment rather than seeking a vision outside of it, one of acceptance and one without judgement.

Why was it that “International Men’s Day” became a joke rather than a day where everyone openly talks about “Mental Health and Suicide Rate” amongst men?

And why was it easier to say “Every day is international men’s day”? In fact why not just acknowledge “Not all men are predators, but sure a lot of them seem to be”?

Why was it that women developed a narrative of “If you’re not with us, you’re against us”.  It could have been “If you’re not with us, we’d wish you could at least listen to us”?

It’s too damn hard. And it’s difficult to communicate. Because it’s easier to target a narrative rather than the root cause of the problem.

Because it was easier to be told, you just don’t matter anymore. It was easier to be told, stop whining. It is indeed a great time for men to be afraid.

Rather than acknowledge the cold truth that we are at fault on both sides. And that there’s a balance that we wish to attain whilst not being authoritative about it.

Because it’s just a lot easier to be dismissive, rather than keep an open mind with the aim to educate.

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