March 20, 2019

Musings: Reality Check on Death and Life

Musings: Reality Check on Death and Life

As I grow older, I have learned there is no right time to die. There is no bargaining with death.

There is no right time to die.

There is no perfect place to die.

People just die.

Those of us left behind after the death of someone we loved, knew, cared about, or in some way connected most always feel the death was too soon.

It pains us to let go. It frightens us to think that our loved one will not be with us anymore.

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We do not know where our loved one has gone. Most time they did not tell us that they were leaving, and if they did we did not believe them, or we did not want them to go.

Yes, most of us know death is a part of living, yet when we come face-to-face with death, we outrightly reject it. The insurmountable fear of the unknown and the permanent status of no more and alone becomes ever so real at that moment of departure.

Still, when death pokes its head into our lives, we are shocked. We become despondent. We lose our grip. Anger sets in and we quickly move into denial and disbelief.

Why are we scared of death?

Did I mention that hate also creeps into our feelings when death knocks and takes a loved one away? It does. Hatred can sometimes be subtle, but it is there and you know it.

These feelings and emotions are also part of living, and our attachments to one another are the strings that make life so much worth living. So cherish those attachments. Expand on them daily. Know that the bickering, the jealousy, the war of words, and yes, the forgiveness are just ways of expressing our connectivity.

We are bound by invisible strings that will carry us throughout eternity. We are connected to our loved ones, and to strangers. That is why we cry when someone dies. That is why we rejoice over someone’s accomplishments. That is why we live such roller coaster lives. We are part of the universe, and though we are as separate as our fingers on our hands, we are one!

As I grow older, I have learned that now is always the right time to love.

Now is always the right time to be kind.

Now is always the perfect place to learn, live, give and do your best.

For one day, you and I will also die!

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