March 25, 2019

‘My boyfriend’s mother doesn’t like me because I have a tattoo’- Nigerian lady

‘My boyfriend’s mother doesn’t like me because I have a tattoo’- Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady identified as Iyawo Kiss Daniel (@Feyi Fundz) on Twitter has revealed that her boyfriend’s mother doesn’t like her because she has a tattoo.

Tattoos are primarily affiliated with occultism in Nigeria and the skin aesthetics has not been openly accepted in this part of the world.

Taking to Twitter to rant, the young lady stated that her boyfriend’s mother hates her and does not want her to be around her son despite their synonymous skin inks.


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According to the lady, the tattoo she got is a couple’s tattoo which means her boyfriend also got the same.

However, she expressed surprise that her boyfriend’s mother disliked her for it while she let her son pass.


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She tweeted:

“My boyfriend’s mum doesn’t like me cuz I have tattoo… LMAO

I was actually a couple’s tats that I did with her son o. Closing her eyes on her son and pouring hatred on me, tf?
This society is fucked up fr”

The young lady was however advised not to give up easily because she can still win the guy’s mother’s heart.

A fellow Twitter user stated:

As long as you can learn from your mistakes, you’ll always come out better on the other end. Mothers are protective, can’t always blame her for her ways. If you guys can bring out the best in each other you still have a chance to win her over. If that’s what you want that is…

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