March 25, 2019

My confidence lies in the people of Ekiti – Fayemi (Independent)

My confidence lies in the people of Ekiti – Fayemi (Independent)

Following the rancour that characterised the APC primary, where you emerged as candidate, how far have you gone in your reconciliatory move with other aspirants?

APC has once again proved to bookmakers that common interest supersedes personal interest. It was easier to reconcile with my co-contestants because we all have the same purpose and objective, that is to reclaim our honour and restore our values by dislodging the PDP government. To the glory of God and massive synergy from fellow aspirants, we are making tremendous and consistent progress. Ekiti State APC is today larger and stronger than we were before the primary election. You can see that in the way people from the other side are crossing over. A tree doesn’t make a forest. I owe the success of the process so far to the cooperation, support and guidance of APC national and state leaders and my co-aspirants. They are on the same page with me. They are all solidly behind me to restore the good governance that was cut short in Ekiti State four years ago. Read more

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