July 17, 2018

My guy, where is your mumu button? By Peju Akande

My guy, where is your mumu button? By Peju Akande

Love has a language and it is so universal that everyone can relate and understand this language. Now that language goes beyond those deep and langorous gazes into each other’s eyes or  holding hands and smiling at nothing and looking twice as bright as the sun, just because…

Love language is knowing what works with/for other person in whatever relationship you have with the person; it could be mother- daughter, husband –wife, mother in law-daughter in law. It could be anybody, Boss or employee even.

No matter who it is, we all respond to one love language or another and if you want your relationships to thrive, you better find out what makes the other person tick.

But what exactly is this love language? What in naija speak, we call a mumu button.


We all have one, tucked somewhere deep within us; some have never had their activated (I sorry sorry o) while for others it is a case of over-activation. Those kind of people, once you touch their mumu button, they will cackle like hyenas.

When I was a young Copy-Writer, my boss at Franchise Communications,  used to say, ‘Any man can be a fool, o.”

He would say it in Warri-speak after he must have told a story about how some man of ‘great intelligence’ was ‘conned’ by a slip of a girl or how some woman succumbed to the charms of a wily rascal. So usually, it’s one person knowing the other’s mumu button and pressing it at will, often to the annoyance of onlookers who feel the other is being conned.

Bottom-line, any man or woman, for that matter can be a fool when his/her mumu button is pressed.

The other day, I and some old friends of mine were catching up on the good old days and as usual with women, the gist soon turned to the men in our lives.

‘My husband isn’t sensitive anymore,’ one of us complained.

Meaning either that the husband has either lost the finger to push his wife’s mumu button or simply needs to grow a new one.

Yes, I forgot to mention, mumu buttons can change from time to time, this is what makes love really interesting, it’s not same ole same ole every time. It’s a journey of discovery. Biko, kindly note, I’m not Doctor Love, I’m just saying…from observing and listening o.

For some women, their mumu button is gifts. When the errant husband comes home bearing gifts after his ‘business’ travels, madam will welcome him back with plenty of TLC.

If the story gets out that a philandering husband was caught with some 18year old, he could just stop on his way home and buy madam a brand new Prado jeep or Escalade or send her on a three weeks cruise and his ‘sins’ would be promptly forgiven.

For some women, their mumu button is pressed if oga helps out with house chores but many men don’t gerrit they are they are usually busy acting macho during the day but when night comes, they turn putty once they want to do?

Will you gerrout, do I look like jangolova?

For some women, send a poem and their mumu button is on. Other would be ‘on’ if you sent a love text on your way home from work. And yet other would light up at the sight of a cheque or crisp naira bundles especially when it’s not even month end and time for chop money.

Men are, however, different. Their mumu button is just too obvious and is usually between their legs. That’s why once a babe flashes a negligee or cleavage, oga is whistling like a train about to hit the station. Haba, guys be more creative and show some self-control. Stop this shaky-shaky daddy joor!

So my peeps, what’s your mumu button?

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  1. Funmi

    Peju Akande….hmmmm you call it mumu button shey. It has made and breaker. ..sorry broken homes, made relationships go really sour. Whatever name you give it I’m just saying everybody should gerrit! I’ve said my own join. Issorait:)


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