My husband has not touched me for 8 years, woman tells court

My husband has not touched me for 8 years, woman tells court

While some women are rushing into marriage, 39 year old Mrs Adeolu Adelani wants out. She told a customary court in Igando, Lagos state to dissolve her 14 year old marriage for lack of sex.

Ms Adeolu told the court that for eight years her husband has refused to make love to her.  She said she has been married to Olajide for about 14 years and had a 12-year-old son.

“My husband refused to make love to me since eight years now and I want to have another baby because our son is 12-year-old.

“I am not satisfied with only one child,’’ she told the President of the court, Mr Hakeen Oyekan.

Adeolu  accused her husband of abandoning her and their child for an unknown destination since 2013.

She added that her husband had refused to disclose where he lives and where he works, but sends his son’s school fees and house rent through her bank account.

Adeolu said her husband told her pastor that he had married another woman and had children and that she should find herself another husband.

She said she was always sad anytime her neighbours call her “rejected and abandoned property’’.

She begged the court to dissolve the marriage because she wanted to move on with her life.

Defending the allegations, Olajide, 45, a businessman, did not deny of starving his wife of sex.

He said that he refused to make love to his wife because he did not want her to have another child through Caesarean section.

“I don’t want to risk her life, this is why I have distanced myself from her because I want her to take care of our child.

“Besides, I did not abandon my wife but I decided to move closer to my work place due to the distance from my house.

“I did not abandoned her, I always squat with my friends and I come home once in a while,’’ he said.

He claimed that he had no other wife nor children elsewhere.

Olajide, however, conceded to the dissolution of the marriage because he was also fed up with the union.

He appealed to the court to grant him the custody of his son.

Oyekan adjourned the case to May 13 for further hearing.

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