July 17, 2018

My son was tempted to rape his colleague

My son was tempted to rape his colleague

The Mother of a 30 year old man accused of rape, Mr Imonitie Ilen-Otuma  has defended her son saying he loved the lady (rape victim)  and wanted to marry her. 

Imonitie who is a graduate of Estate Management from the University of Lagos, was arrested by the police after he was accused of raping a 27 year old girl in the Lekki area of Lagos state. 

His mother who spoke with reporters said he was tempted to commit the crime. “My son has told me that he loves the girl and wants to marry her. He is AA, and the girl is SS. So, they are compatible. He did not mean to kill her as claimed. If he wanted to, would he still drive her home after the incident? I am not justifying his actions, but he was tempted to commit the act. His intention is to marry the girl.” Read more

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