March 21, 2019

My suspension a blessing in disguise – Hon. Jibrin (Nation)

My suspension a blessing in disguise – Hon. Jibrin (Nation)

You are known as one of the few vocal members of the House of Representatives. What exactly drives your passion?

First, I just want to say that I am completely different. There are a lot of vocal members in the House, but maybe my style is different from theirs. Again, I am very passionate about the country and about service. I left my business to come into politics, and what brought me into politics is to make a difference not to make money. I got into the system of the National Assembly at a very young age. I was saddled with a very huge responsibility of chairing the Finance Committee for four years and then I was appointed the chair of the Appropriation Committee. I have seen much within that period, especially the core working of the National Assembly. I understand the powers of the legislature and I am determined that those powers that the constitution gave the legislature should be used for the good of our country. That is what keeps pushing me to make a difference. And when I look back at how far one has come, it has gotten to a point in life that only a few things can put you into fear. I don’t fear anything. I always like to follow my convictions. Read more

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