NASA Curiosity Rover Makes First Find In Mars

NASA Curiosity Rover Makes First Find In Mars


NASA’s Curiosity rover has found a shiny substance on the surface of Mars. The rover is set to investigate the strange ‘super shiny’ object, according to scientist.


Scientists said the rover is being sent to re-examine the small shining object, which is being referred to as ‘Little Colonsay’.


‘One of the samples that we try to get a better look at is ‘Little Colonsay’, NASA said.

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‘The planning team thinks it might be a meteorite because it is so shiny.


‘But looks can deceive, and proof will only come from the chemistry.


‘Unfortunately, the small target was missed in the previous attempt, and with the information from that, Curiosity will try again.’


The rover has a tool on board called ChemCam, which will be used to study the object.


Last week NASA’s InSight rover also landed on the red planet.

NASA Insight Rover


After it landed,  Sue Horne, head of space exploration at the UK Space Agency said: ‘It is wonderful news that the InSight spacecraft has landed safely on Mars.


‘The UK scientists and engineers involved in this mission have committed several years of their lives to building the seismometer on board, and the descent is always a worrying time.’

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