March 19, 2019

NBA Star, Steph Curry Endorse New Palm Phone Comeback

NBA Star, Steph Curry Endorse New Palm Phone Comeback


Steph Curry backs new smartphone, Palm, as it enters the US market next month.

The NBA Star is helping to market the product to gain traction with his high following of young fans.

Palm is markedly going to be different from how smartphones look these days with its small size. The makers have mentioned the credit card-sized phone will serve the utility function of an accessory phone for people who prefer the convenience of a handy device to jog with or go out for dinner with.

‘You have your SUV or minivan, but sometimes you want to take a spin in your sports car,’ said Howard Nuk, a co-founder of the startup, Palm Ventures Group Inc.

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This will be the second attempt by the company to break into the phone market. Its first attempt at launching a model called Pre failed woefully 10 years ago. The flop of that device ultimately led to its takeover by Hewlett-Packard and an unceremonious exit from the stage of Silicon Valley icons.

Whether people have the buying power and will to own an accessory phone worth around $340 while having spent $1,000 on their main phones still remains to be seen.

Palm ventures were co-founded by Nuk and Miloseski, who have backgrounds in mobile and design and are ex- Samsung employees.

Feature details

The Palm phone is about 3.8 inches tall (9.7 centimeters) and 0.3 of an inch thick — roughly half the size of Apple Inc.’s iPhone XS Max and the Samsung Galaxy S9+. The Palm phones run on Android 8.1 and can be paired with iPhones as well as Androids. Popular apps work on the phone, including Apple iTunes.

It also features an 8-megapixel camera in front and a 12-megapixel camera on the back. There is no headphone jack, but it does have Bluetooth.


The original Palm device predated today’s smartphones.  Known as a personal digital assistant, or PDA, the gadget was popular in the ’90s for taking notes, marking calendars and — eventually — reading emails.


Palm’s star faded with the rise of BlackBerry and the iPhone, but finding a new niche may give the brand a new reason for being.


It’s also a chance for Palm to finally live up to its name, Miloseski said.


‘Unlike the original, this one actually fits in your palm.’

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