All you need to know about Kawasaki disease (Readersdigest)

All you need to know about Kawasaki disease (Readersdigest)

Parents are urged to be vigilant for the signs of meningitis. But there’s another disease that also presents with fever and rash in children. Unlike meningitis, where the lining of the brain is attacked, the heart is at risk in this disease. What is it?

Real-life story

Little Nyah Mendes was just three years old when she contracted Kawasaki disease. Her mother Aysha is editor of the British Journal of Cardiac Nursing and was interested to tell her story from a personal and professional point of view.


The symptoms

“Nyah had a fever for close to ten days by the time we took her to the hospital. Her temperature was hovering between 38-41°C; she had a rash and was itchy on her hands and feet; her eyes were red and extremely sensitive to light; her neck was so stiff she couldn’t move it; she had a headache and felt a bit dizzy; she was very tired, with an awfully reduced appetite; and her lips were red, swollen and cracked”. Read more

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