June 21, 2018

Netanyahu is the Israeli Trump (Memo)

Netanyahu is the Israeli Trump (Memo)

The Zionist white supremacist alliance continues apace. It is quite hard to keep track of the increasing connections, both in the US and in Israel.

The increasing scandal over US President Donald Trump’s white supremacist advisers has finally resulted in some change. Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka are both out. This is to be welcomed, but it should not be forgotten that Stephen Miller is still in place as a senior advisor. Miller was the key architect of the failed “Muslim ban”.

It should also be recalled that Miller has long-standing links to Richard Spencer, who is a key leader in the so-called alt-right, a group which can more accurately be understood as modern-day neo-Nazis. The alt-right was a key element of the base of voters that brought Trump to power. While a small minority, these racist keyboard warriors gained a certain momentum which propelled the reactionary, anti-migrant, American nationalist movement which brought Trump to power.

While much has recently been made of the concept of populism by liberals who try to claim that the popular left-wing socialism of the likes of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn are the same thing as the populist Trump, there are many important and fundamental differences. Read more

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