New fuel prices pinch poor Kenyan families

New fuel prices pinch poor Kenyan families

Households who use kerosene for cooking are set to pay more for the fuel following an increase of Sh2.53 in yesterday’s oil price review.

A litre of kerosene will now cost Sh42.15 in Nairobi up from Sh39.62, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission’s monthly price review published yesterday. Kerosene is used mostly in poor households for cooking and lighting.

In Mombasa, a litre of kerosene costs Sh39.46 effective last night and Sh44.06 in Kisumu.

ERC attributed the price hike to a 9.82 per cent increase in the average landed cost of kerosene from $321.37 (Sh32,616.3) per tonne to $352 (Sh35,725) per tonne.

However, ERC gave motorists minimal relief by cutting Super Petrol prices further by Sh0.92. Last month Super Petrol price had been reduced by Sh2.14. Read more


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