Premature newborn wakes up moments before cremation

Premature newborn wakes up moments before cremation

A newborn baby boy who was pronounced dead in China woke up crying moments before he was due to be cremated after spending the night in a morgue at -12C temperature.

A worker at the Pan’an funeral home in Jinhua realised the baby, named An An, was still alive when he pulled the newborn out of the refrigerator and he began to wail, reported Channel Six of Zhejiang Television. The worker then contacted the father and cancelled the scheduled cremation.

The boy had been delivered prematurely, after a seven-month pregnancy, on January 8 at the Pan’an People’s Hospital in Zhejiang, a coastal province in southeastern China.

According to Channel Six, the father of the baby boy, named only as Lu, insisted on taking him out of incubation a week earlier than doctors had recommended to bring him home for Chinese New Year. Read more

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