March 21, 2019

Nigeria needs $40b to generate 20,000Mw

Nigeria needs $40b to generate 20,000Mw

Nigeria requires $40billion to move her electricity generation from current 4,500 megawatts (Mw) of electricity to 20,000Mw by year 2020, the Managing Director/ Chief Executive officer, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company, Mr Roberts Dickerman, has said.

Speaking on how to grow the energy sector at the 2015 edition of the West African Industry Power Convention (WAPIC) Forum in Lagos, he said the country’s power sector  is yet to achieve appreciable growth, because majority of the citizens are still living in darkness.

According to him, the country generates 156 units of electricity per person, while India generates 774 units of electricity per person, stressing that the country records the lowest electricity generation per person in the world.

Dickerman said the issue is affecting the capacity of the power distribution companies (DisCos) to distribute power to consumers and further generate revenue. Read more

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