Nigeria: one day, one trouble – Niran Adedokun

Nigeria: one day, one trouble  – Niran Adedokun

More and more and on a daily basis, it is beginning to make sense to more of us why our compatriots will abandon everything that they have achieved and leave the country for some “greener pasture” in the Americas or Europe. Nigeria is gradually becoming hell on earth and those we elected to direct our affairs seem to be at a loss.

Let us a take a brief count. It is about six weeks since we started facing a fuel scarcity that has exposed the Babel that our Ministry of Petroleum has become. In his New Year speech, President Muhammadu Buhari and our Minister of Petroleum put the blame for the scarcity on greedy petroleum marketers intent on cashing in on the yuletide to exploit Nigerians. One wonders whether the President himself believed what he said. It seemed to a lot of Nigerians not to have been the whole truth but it was the line toed by the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

However, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu had a totally different explanation, one which seemed to make a whole lot of sense to Nigerians.

What appears very obvious, is thè fact that government does not have the political will to take the decisive steps that would free our oil and gas sector in from its shackles.
And while we were battling with the scarcity of fuel, sleeping at petrol stations and taking beatings from jobless soldiers who stray to fuel stations, the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing sent us a long epistle to prepare us for a national blackout resulting from some collapse on the national grid. This was at a time when the almighty NNPC and its subsidiary known as the Directorate of Petroleum Resources (DPR) had forbidden the sale of petrol in jerry cans. So we had no access to electricity as supplied by state and we could not generate our own power because the same state had made the purchase of petrol for our generating sets illegal; how more miserable can a people get.
The worst of it, however, is our total lack of regard for the sanctity of life. In the past one week, no less than 100 Nigerians have lost their lives in very gruesome circumstances. The most pathetic is in Benue State where Fulani herdsmen have allegedly murdered tens of people in cold blood. There have also been attacks by these men in Ondo Ogun and some other locations across the country. The reckless bloodletting also occurred in River, Kwara and Kaduna States. Government has shown very feeble attempts to deal with these situation but what is clear is that there is some level of official negligence especially in the situation with the herdsmen.
What is worse? Our leaders and a sizeable number of the led are currently consumed with nothing else but who succeeds who when we conduct elections next year.

The sad fact that hundreds of qualified medical personnel are leaving the country does not worry us, neither does the fact that 11 million children are out of school.

We refuse to invest in our future by tackling the ills of today. That is why everyone is leaving Nigeria and why we may need to reconsider the future of this country.

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