Nigeria and the plague of government against itself-Niran Adedokun

Nigeria and the plague of government against itself-Niran Adedokun

If care is  not taken, the Muhammadu Buhari administration will come and go without making any significant impact on the lives of Nigerians

It is fundamental that in government as with any other thing concerning people and relationships, cohesion and the ability resolve differences is pivotal to progress. This is a given fact from the foundation of world and it would forever remain.

Remember the story in the Bible about the Tower of Babel. It is said that peoples of the world got together and decided to build a tower that would go up to God in heaven. And they actually went about it.  God  looked down and saw that these people  were prospering in their venture and would achieve it unless some drastic intervention was employed to stop them. He then used his divine power to confuse their language and with that, it became impossible for them to accomplish.  This administrating seem to have been under some Babelic spell in perpetuity since its inauguration and it is trite that a house divided against itself, cannot stand.

I do not want to pay any particular attention to that gaffe by Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami that the Acting President was not speaking the mind of the Federal Executive Council(FEC) on the issue of the retention of the Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC), earlier this week.

I think I read somewhere that he denied implying the interpretation the media gave it. Some reports also said that the Acting President himself assured that the minister was misquoted. So as worrisome a signal as that is, we can safely assume that the executive still speaks with one voice and that we will be spared the untoward consequences of a contrary position. We should hope.

However, the inability of the executive and the national assembly to see eye to eye is as grievous as the foregoing.

For starters, both the executive and legislative arms in this dispensation  are controlled by the All Progressive Congress (APC), so the near fight-to finish situation that we  have between them is totally unexpected.

Now, even if they were not of the same party, one would expect that the love of country and a measure of maturity that you expect from people who have attained this level in the public service of a country would prevail in the circumstance.

But Nigeria is apparently secondary to the egos of these leaders such that it has become impossible for them to reach a consensus about whatever the issues are and give Nigeria and Nigerians a peaceful polity, while they are coping with the economic hardship that years of self-centred and incompetent governance has brought on us.

It is also appalling that there are a group of people who go about pronouncing themselves leaders of the APC. From the National Working Committee of the party to the informal group of leaders known as national leaders. It is crying shame that this executive-legislature confrontation has remained unsolved two years on. What has happened to the spirit of give and take that rules in political affairs all over the world?

But if all the structures of the almighty APC has so fallen apart as to be unable to terminally resolve this misunderstanding between two very important arms of government, what about one of the parties approaching the third arm of government- the judiciary for a permanent solution to the impasse. The failure or refusal of any of the executive or the legislature to approach the Supreme Court for the interpretation of  the extent of the power of the legislature as it concerns the confirmation of appointments made by the president is indeed what I find to be most confounding in this whole drama. If one of these parties go to court, they will not just be solving a today’s problem but they will save us this misunderstanding in the future. Since the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria allows for such steps to be taken, it smacks of disloyalty to the people of the country. How does a country make progress when its leaders are engaged in a warfare that takes away their ability to come together and address the myriads of problems that face the country? And we are less than two years to the end of the administration!

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