Nigerian arrested trying to travel with fake passport

Nigerian arrested trying to travel with fake passport

39-year old Nigerian Chukwuka Samuel Okon and Ousman Kere, a 28-year old Ivorian were both arrested yesterday at the airport while attempting to use someone else’s passport to travel to Italy.

Inspector Darren Buhagiar told Magistrate Charmaine Galea that both Kere and Okon had been granted refugee status in Italy. Kere had told police that he had tried to use a friend’s documents to travel back to Italy in order to renew his own, expired, travel documents. Okon claimed to have lost his documents and that the replacement papers had not been issued in time for his trip to Malta.

The inspector informed the court that Okon had been travelling back and forth between Malta and Italy since 2013, adding that the police had established that he was working in Malta without a work permit. Read more

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