Nigerian professor solves 156-year-old mathematics question

Nigerian professor solves 156-year-old mathematics question

One of the most important problems in mathematics – the Riemann Hypothesis – has finally been solved by a Nigerian professor.

Dr Opeyemi Enoch said he made a key breakthrough in 2010 which later enabled him to solve the puzzle, which is one of the seven Millennium Problems in Mathematics.  These seven puzzles were set by The Clay Mathematics Institute in 2000 and the organisation has now rewarded Dr Enoch with a $1 million (£658,000) prize for his discovery.

The Riemann Hypothesis was proposed by mathematician Bernard Riemann in 1859 and concerns the distribution of prime numbers. It has become arguably the most famous problem in mathematics, since Fermat’s Last Theorem was solved in the 1990s.  At its most simple, the distribution of prime numbers among all others doesn’t follow a regular pattern.  Read more

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