Nigerian trafficking boss faces trial in UK

Nigerian trafficking boss faces trial in UK

A court in Britain on Tuesday heard the case of a female trafficking boss, who specializes in using witchcraft to round up and terrify dozens of teenage orphans from Nigeria before selling them into prostitution in Europe.

Franca Asemota, known to her victims as ‘Auntie Franca’, used Heathrow as a hub to traffic, at least, 40 children and young adults into Europe, a jury was told. It was also claimed that Franca and her gang managed to snatch back two girls who had been rescued and put in foster care in Worthing, East Sussex.

She is accused of luring mainly orphans from remote Nigerian villages with the promise of jobs and education. But the 38-year-old would then use witchcraft, threats, rituals and sexual violence to ensure they did as they were told before being sold to the sex industry in Europe, it was said. Read more

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