March 21, 2019

Nike Facing Lawsuit For Gender Pay Discrimination

Nike Facing Lawsuit For Gender Pay Discrimination
Nike has filed a motion to dismiss elements of a class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit accuses Nike of gender-based wage discrimination and other offenses.

The lawsuit was originally filed last August on behalf of seven female former Nike employees. It alleges the company violated state and federal wage equality laws. The plaintiffs seek a court order that would require Nike to pay all employees equally, as well as unspecified monetary damages.

In its filing, Nike claimed that the lawsuit is too broad in scope and would expose the company to unnecessary discovery during court proceedings. The brand asked a judge to dismiss three of the lawsuit’s four claims, including alleged federal and state wage violations.

Nike stated in the motion, “Plaintiffs have not alleged any factual predicate that makes these claims plausible or warrants imposing upon Nike and the court the considerable burden and expense of litigating their overboard claims.”


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