Prepare for more heat, NIMET warns

Prepare for more heat, NIMET warns

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) said on Tuesday that Nigerians should be prepared to confront more hot days, warm nights and heat waves in the days and months to come.

NIMET attributes the unfavourable whether conditions to the increasing global greenhouse emission, adding that current atmospheric warming will continue beyond 2100.

In a statement signed by NIMET’s Public Relations Manager, Ms. Eva Azinge, which was made available to the media in Abuja, she said the global average air temperature of the earth is already 1°C hotter than it was at the start of the twentieth century.

While underscoring the importance of the 2016 World Meteorological Day, with the theme: ‘Hotter, Drier Wetter, Face the Future’ she said it was to draw the attention of governments on the impact of climate change on natural resources, humans and environment.  Read more


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