Before nko! North split on restructuring (Guardian)

Before nko! North split on restructuring (Guardian)


Some Northern leaders and groups yesterday expressed divergent views on whether the country should be restructured. At the ongoing two-day conference on “The North and the future of the Nigerian Federation” organised by Arewa Research and Development Project (ARDP) in Kaduna, Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto State said the insinuation that the north was against restructuring was false .

Tambuwal, who is the chairman of the forum, said: “The fact that some people continue to parrot such a lie only helps to give credence to the flawed argument. Let us be clear: the north wants restructuring as much as anyone else.

“However, as a people, we do not easily jump into the bandwagon because we are always there for the long haul. We believe that any decision we take must be inclusive, and respect procedures and processes so that the outcome is sustainable.”

He said that only recently, the Northern States Governors’ Forum and Northern Traditional Leaders Council Committee on Restructuring of the Nigerian Federation, which he chairs, inaugurated a technical committee reflecting the diversity of northern Nigeria to look at the issues surrounding the call for restructuring and get the aggregate views of the north for use during the proposed public hearing across the 19 northern states.

“I think we should first, as a country, mutually agree on a definition of the term restructuring. In my view, if restructuring means taking stock of our arrangement to ensure that no state takes a disproportionate amount of the resources, or most of the available space in the education or job sector, or subjugates the others’ culture or religion, or lords it over the other so that the number of the poor and uneducated whose future is circumscribed by their circumstance is shared proportionately, then we agree. Read more

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