No born pass your power o by Jite Efemuaye

No born pass your power o by Jite Efemuaye

Una see this matter of the guyman wen run leave im wife and children say she get belle for twins, e get as the matter be me.

Twins family

So, una born twins, things begin hard, una no get brain say make una relax small?

Oya, make we look am. The first set na two girls. As our Naija people dey do, dem come dey find boy pikin. Na im the second belle enter. Na twins again. One come be boy. Shey that one never do? No o. Dem gats top am with another boy. Everything na double double na, e come be two boys.

As I kukuma dey put ear for the gist, I read for paper say as government and other people feature the woman small tin to take hold her side, dem come begin find the man. Na im journalist dem come call the guy, e dey make yanga say e no wan talk for phone, say e dey fear say e go go cell. As dem talk the tori for paper, na the wife dem give phone, she come begin call am sweet name, dey praise am, dey tell am say she love am, say anybody wen wan arrest am go arrest her first. I swear, na so I open mouth as I dey read. See ehn, if na wafi woman, as pepper don show, na cutlass she go take draw line for front of her doormat say if the man get two head make e come cross am. E dey crase? No be dem two born the pikin dem? E come run go, dey talk ‘I love my wife and children’ for phone. Im papa!!!

But my country people dey tire me sometimes. How una dey collect forty-three thousand combined salary, dey stay face-me-I-face-you, una come still dey born full ground? Dem tie una brain for village? Upon all the family planning wen dem dey talk for maternity, at all at all una sabi condom, but no, we must to born by force.

The part wen dey funny me now be say, once this man come back and life continue, make una give dem two years, if e tay well well four years. Dem go born again. And this time, e fit be triplet. Or fourplet.

And na God dem go blame. Afterall, no be God dey give pikin?


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