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Gospel artiste and Chocolate City’s Nosa was at Club X-Factor on September 21 at the Coterie Rave II. Blending with the crowd in his casual outfit, Nosa had the audience on the dance floor in seconds as he performed hit tracks, Why You Love Me, I Go Stay and A Star.

The Rave II was a Coterie gospel event organized by April City Entertainment, and also had in attendance gospel sensations Henri Soul, Okey Sokay, Gift Berries and rapper XL2LETTERS. Comedy was provided by Mr. O and host, Tyvfunny.

Speaking with Ayotebi April of April City Entertainment, he said Rave II was a praise party where young people could come together and have fun. “A lot of attendees in previous editions always said the after party wasn’t enough for them to dance so we decided to host an edition where we’ll have to beg them to stop dancing and go home.” And that aim was achieved as the audience wanted more as DJ Xpressit announced the last song for the night. Patrons of the club who had come in for drinks were not left out as they joined the party.

Gospel entertainment has been around for a long time. With this new generation, the challenge has been how to keep up with the changing music scene. Yet we have talented gospel artistes struggling to get the publicity and support they need. “Getting paid shows is a challenge. So we spend money preparing and looking presentable for shows and don’t get paid. Not to mention how much we spend on recording, mixing and mastering our songs. A lot of churches don’t even want to embrace new gospel sounds, they are stuck on keeping it the way it has always been. The only option we have is to do our own shows and branch out from the churches,” lyricist XL2LETTERS said.

Little wonder we have artistes who started out in church, going into mainstream music because it pays better.

However, artistes like Nosa that make it to the ‘big leagues’ are a sign of hope for others who have chosen to toe the gospel line.

The next Coterie Rave will be in November, 2014.


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