Nostalgia was the name of the game at Yaw Live 2015

Nostalgia was the name of the game at Yaw Live 2015

There’s nothing like nostalgia especially when it hits you when you’re not expecting it. And Yaw Live on Stage 2015 was one huge nostalgia-fest.

If you were not at Eko Hotel on Sunday May 31st, you missed. And I am going to tell you how much. YAW Live is in its seventh year and actor, comedian and OAP Yaw chose Okey Bakassi to be his partner-on-stage to perform a play titled YOU. Before they came on, MC Abbey and Lafup who were the hosts ushered on stage a line-up of new musical acts who really did not have anything to offer, same old tired beats and jumping up and down and lyrics that you don’t want to listen to. The applause was sparse.

In direct contrast was the comedy from not very well known names. The audience didn’t need to be told to clap. Starting with Seyi Black, a musi-comedian, Dr. Warri and a slew of others, people were in stitches. I could have gone home right then and it would have been money well spent (if I had paid for my ticket. lol).

AY Funny Bone (2) Ali Baba (1) Funke Akindele (4)

The throwback started with adverts shown on the screen, adverts from the 90s – Bagco super sack, Blue band, Close up, Omo, Elephant, Joy soap, UBA, Thermocool – they rolled in after each other to delighted oohs and aahs from the audience. There were some young people who had no idea what was going on, but majority of the people were singing along and shouting catch phrases.

Then came the music. Daddy Fresh came on stage and I thought, okay, they want to give an oldie some time in the spotlight. Bravo. But when Azadus came on with ‘Madam’, Jazzman Olofin followed, Olu Maintain, African China, Mad Melon and Mountain Black, the crowd was on its feet, from VVIP to regular going ‘suo!’

I caught a glimpse of Cossy, almost spilling out of her dress; Ali Baba, Funke Akindele, RMD, Chinedu Ikedieze and a number of celebrities getting into the groove. The former first lady of Lagos State, Mrs Abimbola Fashola was also present.

Cosy Orjiako Chinedu Ikedieze (1) Olu Maintain RMD (1) Abimbola Fashola

Basketmouth as always gave a ‘rubbish’ performance; in his own words, he always has rubbish to say and the audience loved it. Funnybone was there, Chigal who took over as host as some point; Yaw Live more than delivered on comedy and great music.

Funny Bone (2) Basket Mouth (2)

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