Not Yet Atikulated – Viola Okolie

Not Yet Atikulated – Viola Okolie
“Fellow Nigerians,
Calm down y’all, okay? I can understand the hysteria and the excitement at the principal opposition party finally conducting and concluding their primaries and coming up with a winner but this was bound to happen anyway, right?
I cannot pretend not to understand politics but with all the excitement in the air, I have to confess that this one seems to be sailing over my head. What happened? Have the elections already come and gone? Do we already have a new president or did a political party – one out of almost fifty that will contest for the Presidential elections come 2019 – just finally decide on a candidate?
Hold your horses, my people, Nigeria is not yet Atikulated.
Remember how we got here in the first place? If you don’t, let me jog your memory a little bit – it was vide a refusal to scrutinize the credentials of the loudest contender and ensure that he understood that we were not just providing a retirement home with benefits; we needed someone who was ready to work and move Nigeria into the next level.
Methinks we are about to make the same mistake again.
I have listened to Atiku Abubakar speak several times; he was the candidate that impressed me the most at the last APC Presidential primaries. Not this last one where 7,000 delegates produced 14,000,000 plus votes and counting o. Nehi. I mean the past presidential primaries before this one.
Atiku had a blueprint for Nigeria; he hadn’t a plan.
He knew what was needed for each sector of the economy – or at least he had a good idea what it was; and he spent his time, money and energy touring Nigeria and meeting with the youth, professionals, business men, etc.
He held town hall meetings to discuss his plans for Nigeria whereas his opponent only appeared at one or two rallies where Lai Mohammed and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu did all the talking; coughed once or twice and shouted “Hayfeesee” into the microphone.
Another contender picked the ticket for guber in his state and handed it to his son-in-law to hold for him while he rushed down to Lagos to go and try his luck at the Presidential primaries.
Atiku went in prepared and came out perplexed…
APC Magic, you will say.


Why do I need to remind you of all these? Because the chants then when Buhari was contesting, was ‘anything but Jonathan’; ‘even if na bread label’; ‘even if you show me pictures of Buhari robbing a bank’; etc.
He was shielded from serious scrutiny by the foolishness of his supporters who kept him away from the average Nigerian as if he was an egg.
Here we are today; thus far has bread label brought us.
Today, I can see all of you basking in the euphoria of Atiku winning the PDP PRIMARIES (sorry fam, I needed to shout that word to drag you all back to reality); and beginning to sound like the erstwhile Buharists in reverse.
Let me ask you please, be patient with me. Do you want to fix Nigeria? Or do you just want to unseat Buhari? Because if you just want to unseat Buhari, then you are going to succeed and start wailing again a few short months after the elections because you may then need an ‘anybody but Atiku’ to come and help you unseat Atiku.
If you need to slap yourselves awake, then, please, do so.
Keep your eyes peeled and do not give any of the candidates the impression that their path to the Presidency is a shoo-in. Well, except of course, if you are being paid to campaign for them, then you can continue the chants: ‘ran ka ya dede maigida, ran ka ya dede. Tusa n’ka turare ne, maigida. Kashi n’ka jollof ne!’
No difference between thinking Nigerians and the average otimkpu at all the weddings and funerals littered all over the country – praise singing for a bottle of beer.
Only what is at stake now is not a bottle of beer, but a country on its shaky last legs.
Quit the ‘anything but Buhari’ chants and be Atikulated all you want, but remember that Nigeria itself is not yet Atikulated and should not be, except Atiku proves it to us BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT, that he is the best for Nigeria at this time.
So, do not shield him from scrutiny – Atiku is not an egg, he will not crack.
Stop making up stupid propaganda about the American debacle; what exactly is it all about? Before he Atikulates Nigeria, let him first articulate to Nigeria all the facts surrounding that situation.
Not conjecture.
Not hearsay.
Not ‘even if you show me a picture of Atiku robbing a bank…’!
Every time your mouth attempts to make you sound like one of those unfortunate Buharists, put your hand over it and sellotape it if need be, until the crisis is over.
Please, I beg of you all, don’t be so unfortunate. Don’t allow your village people continue to play tininitanana with your destiny.
The idea is not just to keep recycling leaders until every politician has had a chance to use the Nigerian Air Force One as his own private kabu kabu service; the idea is to reset Nigeria on the path to greatness.
Ask the right questions.
Grill the candidates.
Make them sweat and prove their worth.
Then on Election Day, vote carefully.
May God help Nigeria.
PS: For those of you celebrating like the elections have been lost and won already, I wanted to gist you one story like that about the hare and the tortoise; but mouth dey pain me.
Ask your neighbor to help me and gist you the story…
… then calm the heck down, you hear?
It is never over until you breast the tape at the finish line and cross it.

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A Creative and Versatile Writer.  
Currently writes for SabiNews Media

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  1. Nosakhare Bryan

    Thanks Aunty Viola. This is food for thought and worth thinking over again before We make another mistake as a Nation.


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