Not yet uhuru in Zimbabwe (Guardian)

Not yet uhuru in Zimbabwe (Guardian)

Two youths sitting at the booth of a moving car displayed a brown carton board with inscription: “Rest in peace Mugabe”. A black cross was painted right above the inscription to drive home the message.They were among the jubilant Zimbabweans that trooped to the streets of Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe on Tuesday to celebrate the end of President Robert Mugabe’s 37 years rule.

Most citizens of the Southern Africa country have for so long waited for that moment, and so have the rest of the world.At last, the hour has come. Zimbabweans are now free from the grip of a man who had held their destiny for decades; but not from the men who kept Mugabe in power for that long. Among them is the man, General Constatino Chinwega, who eventually led the bloodless coup that toppled Mugabe. He was one of the president’s men, who led struggle for the independence of Zimbabwe against the British in the 70s. Read more

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