Nova Concept Introduces IoT solutions to improve performance for corporate Organizations

Nova Concept Introduces IoT solutions to improve performance for corporate Organizations


Nova Concept has put out a selection of Internet of Things solutions to improve the performance of entrepreneurs and corporate organizations in Nigeria.

The Nigeria Indigenous Information Technology Firm intends to provide IoT solutions in areas like Vehicle tracking systems, Delivery Management System, Fuel Control System, and FleeTrak Fleet Management Application.

“These solutions are all high-tech powered and geared towards giving organisations total control of their assets to achieve optimum utilisation for start-ups, Small and Medium-scale Enterprises and entrepreneurs,’ a statement by the company said.

“Others include Route Management Solution, which allows delivery and service providers build routes, track drivers and stay connected with their fleet activities daily; and the Pool-Automated Request, which helps organizations to have a customizable Uber-like application to help with vehicle request despite location,’ the statement said.

The General Manager, Concept Nova, Mr Itiekhao Ikpeminogena, said the solutions were driven by the need to build a local solution that addressed the challenges of high operational cost for start-ups and corporate organisations, while helping them improve efficiency and productivity.

“As an indigenous company, our focus is on our immediate environment. We wanted to use Information Technology to drive efficiency in operations to increase productivity for companies, especially the ones run by budding entrepreneurs,’ he said.

‘More so, the Nigerian economy is suffering. And the manufacturing sector is not really doing well. So, we looked at designing solutions that would help the manufacturing sector, so that when they deploy it locally, they will be able to achieve efficiency and increased productivity.’

He referred to the high cost of fuel control systems and projected the IoT solutions being introduced can cut such cost down for organisations.

“Through our solution, you can reduce the cost of diesel alone by 50 percent. This means that if diesel consumption costs the company about N30m per annum, we are then talking about saving up to N15m. That is huge.”


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