March 22, 2019

Now that the elections are over, what did we learn? – Viola Okolie

Now that the elections are over, what did we learn? – Viola Okolie


If you said ‘the APC is a brazen party that does not give a hoot about democracy and will leave no stone unturned to perpetuate itself in power’,’ I will tell you ‘well done’, clap for yourself.


Na over sabi go kill you one day soon.


See you see the place wey Dasuki dey for the past four years wey him never see sunshine since.


As it stands now, I am avoiding any anti-Buhari updates or sentiments because I like my freedom too much and I am horribly allergic to skin pain.


But fellow Nigerians, this is why we are where we are:


  1. Mistrust of politicians in general


I learnt this while campaigning from local government to local government in Anambra State.


You say you are different from the last politician, but why should they believe you when they don’t see you except when you come to finagle votes out of them?

They have forgotten what electricity looks like; they do not have cars so if you like, build roads, if you like, don’t; and the local schools teach their children a smattering of vernacular based English – which is sufficient for hanging shoulder sturvs.


Why should they trust you more than the last politician when they only see either of you on a four-year menstrual period cycle?


Just share the gala, share the booze and life goes on.


Then on election day, may the highest bidder win!


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2: No be by crowd o




If you spent the election period engaging in ‘my crowd is bigger than yours’ antics, then you are still a learner.


You see all those political party crowds?


Call the party chairmen in the states and ask them if they have as many card carrying members in their parties as those you see on campaign grounds.


Answer = nehi.


Refer to point number one again.


The crowds at rallies and campaigns don’t know you.


They also don’t send you.


What they send are the free T-shirts and face caps; free rides to the trending attractions of the day; possible free pure water and las las, the money the mobilizers promised them for attending.


So if 12 political parties are holding rallies on the same day and you have the technological ability to scan every individual face in that crowd, you’ll notice that some coincidences are highly coincidental.


  1. The Presidency is like aspiring to the post of the Group MD of a conglomerate


There can be only one person at a time occupying that position and while everyone does have a right to aspire to perspire while you inspire to refire, there is a board who takes the decision of narrowing down the choices to the most eligible.


One day, you all will go out to vote and be faced with a ballot booklet, if INEC does not act fast, and begin to look at strategies to streamline the quality and numbers of political parties who come to cause distractions.


There must be a way.


At least for the Presidency.


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Or else, please help us and only read out the results of the top three since the185 other parties had the liver to field candidates in an election where they are not sure of getting at least one vote – their own.


Let them (as has been severally suggested on social media) purchase INEC scratch cards and go and check their results on the INEC website.


And this leads me nicely to point number four.


  1. Nigeria.





Giant of Africa.


Giant from the back.


In this day and age, we have refused to automate the voting system.


In this day and age where you use your phone to vote on a social media based reality show, then come back to vote again and the second vote is rejected because the phone has already been used to cast one vote?


In this day and age where you redeem a coupon online using one email address and, try to redeem the same coupon using another email and the attempt is blocked because the first attempt has locked in your IP address plus other location based details to the first redemption?


In this day and age, we are still using abacus to tally election votes; need fluorescent grade torch lights to see the paper and a ruler to mark our place on the collation sheets so we don’t go and add to PDP’s votes instead of subtracting?


This is why we told the 2015 PVC thumpers to stop being naive – the elections were rigged in a way they could not even begin to comprehend – they were just mere fodder for the process, but them no gree.


Automate this voting thing ka o na aga kpakam kpakam – mba.


After all, if it is automated, how will our politicians ‘win’ elections and re-elections kwanu?


Are you a learner?


  1. And last word: leave our youth corps members alone




Stop using them as INEC ad-hoc staff especially where their participation is mandatory and you know they are the first in line for the venting of any pent up frustrations by voters.


Stop using them in elections.


When they get injured or killed as history has proven, you kill the hopes, dreams and efforts of the family who labored to support their academic dreams and were beginning to position themselves to reap the fruits of their labor.


You frustrate them to gain admission, frustrate them for the duration of time spent in the tertiary institutions, frustrate them to graduate and get called up for service, post them to far flung places way out of their comfort zones, yet you attempt to get them killed off by rabid political thugs?



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