Now THAT’S a root vegetable! (Dailymail)

Now THAT’S a root vegetable! (Dailymail)

It’s not often a sweet potato catches your eye.

But this one made a Northern Territory shopper do a double take when she stumbled across the phallic-shaped root vegetable at a Darwin supermarket.

Flight attendant Ally Hobbs spotted the misshapen spud that appeared to be rather rude.

The keen-eyed shopper said she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the raunchy-looking potato sitting alone on the shelf.  ‘It was starting to [go off], it was a bit shrivelled at the end,’ she told NT News. ‘It was the last one there so everybody had thought the same thing as us, that it wasn’t very tasty.

‘I thought it was pretty funny. I waved it in my friend’s face and took a sneaky photo and sent it to my boyfriend.’

She estimated the size of the potato fairly accurately reflected the body part it resembled. Read more

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