March 23, 2019

Now Trending: Mama Di Mama (Pictures)

Now Trending: Mama Di Mama (Pictures)

In the last couple of hours, social media has been flooded with the hashtag #MamadiMama which means “the mother the mother”. The aforementioned hashtag has been trending on Twitter and Instagram.

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The hashtag was created basically to celebrate the mothers in our society, their influences and the more-often-than-not the hilarious side of everything where different users discussed about how their mother have treated them while growing up.

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Celebrities such as Dremo, M.I and few others have also joined in the conversation, hence the hashtag can be understood and easily relate-able for every native or Nigerian-born individual because our childhood is relative not necessarily synonymous. Endeavor to enjoy some of the best tweets below because you will definitely laugh:

Amidst the jocular ceremony that is ongoing on the internet with the trend, there were those who used this medium to appreciate their mothers and the women that have sacrificed something worthwhile. For instance, Dr Ameyo stella Adadevoh who died in 2014 committed herself to saving lives during the prevalence of the Ebola disease at the time. She would eternally be remembered as a superwoman who fought for wholeness amidst the nefarious risk. The following tweets are personal to the individual who posted it:

You can go on the internet and use the hashtag to follow through and enjoy the tread, the social media is always a beautiful place to be entertained. Enjoy to celebrate your mother today.

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