March 20, 2019

NYPD duo ‘who rape teen’ say ‘provocative’ selfie undermines claim (Independent)

NYPD duo ‘who rape teen’ say ‘provocative’ selfie undermines claim (Independent)

Lawyers for two disgraced policemen have reportedly said a “provocative selfie” posted to social media by a woman who accused them of raping her means her claim is “dubious”.

NYPD detectives Eddie Martins and Richard Hall admitted having sex with the alleged victim while she was in custody but said it was consensual.

But their 18-year-old accuser claimed she was handcuffed, detained in an unmarked police van, driven to a car park and forced to perform oral sex on the two men in the vehicle, and then one of them raped her – while she was still in cuffs. Read more

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