Obasanjo’s son abandons matrimonial home (SUN)

Obasanjo’s son abandons matrimonial home (SUN)

Is it true that your son’s marriage has broken down and you are in the middle of it all?

My son’s marriage didn’t break down and what do you mean that I was in the middle of it all?

Well, the last time they were getting married you made it publicly known to everyone that you were not in support the marriage?

I think you are getting some things wrong, if you had gone through my stand on this you will realize that, I never said that I wasn’t in support of the marriage. The only problem I had was the date and all I was after was that the date should be changed.

But the date wasn’t changed, they disobeyed you and you were unhappy?

You see the date change had been going on in the family before I went public. I was in support of the wedding. But do you have the time for me to give you a breakdown of what actually transpired? Before this girl came into the scene, I was told that when he is getting married that there should be no noise. That was the instruction given to me but when this girl came I told them, let them just do this wedding quietly. Instead, they shouted me down and were asking that how can two big families come together and they won’t have a big wedding. I am the biological mother of the groom, I gave birth to him and I am not holding on to him to be my handbag. If you go through the Bible, instructions were given to mothers about their children. For instance, Samson’s mother was given instruction about him but Samson defied the instruction and he ended up being killed by Delilah. Read more

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