Offerica launches customer engagement app

Offerica launches customer engagement app

Have you ever wondered how you can reach and notify your customers- old and new- about your special offers and business offerings in a cost-effective, yet efficient manner? Are the bureaucracies and challenges of engaging your customers via third-party channels a challenge you are earnestly looking to proffer tangible and customized solutions to?

We are pleased to introduce to you, Offerica, a mobile app and the one-solution for businesses looking to bridge the gap in communication between their businesses and customers. Thanks to OFFERICA mobile technology, for the first time in Nigeria, big brands/businesses will have an opportunity to reach their end users/customers directly. They also will be able to measure the frequency of the patronage by these customers, thereby gaining valuable data for further business development.

Through Offerica, your customers will get notifications for your offers on their mobile devices and earn points for each purchase and get rewarded, thereby building their loyalty. As a business, you can have a web-based administrative panel for your business administration/merchant management.

Offerica allows for the publishing of adverts on behalf of brands and business outfits to enable them reach their customers directly and in real time.  Hence with Offerica, customers to our partners get to learn of offers, promotions and discounts among others, firsthand, on a platform that invariably brings the end-users closer to the product owners by allowing businesses to reach their customers on their smartphones.

An initiative of Sublime Solutions Limited, the Offerica app is designed to not only bridge the gaps but also guarantees customer loyalty on their products and services and equally rewards customers. It works by synchronizing the user’s location with the app and therefore the GPS settings on the target customer’s mobile phone must be enabled. Offerica targets android and iOS users hence optimizing mobile technology to allow offers of businesses/brands get to the end users, where end users earn points from each purchase and get rewarded.

From our research, 78% of smart phones users access retail sites via mobile app while 56% of tablet users also access retail sites via mobile app. The current market scenario is that businesses need more customers/consumers and need to get their services to consumers in a smarter means thereby adding value to their consumer’s base.

What are you waiting for? Please join us as we launch Offerica, the one mobile app we are confident will raise the bar of excellence in the Nigerian business landscape. The details for the launch event are as follows:


Date: Thursday, 29th October 2015

Time: 11.00AM-2.00PM

Venue: Protea Hotel,42/33, Isaac John Street, GRA, Lagos State

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