Officers of NPF graduate from US fingerprint training

Officers of NPF graduate from US fingerprint training

Office of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL) within the United States Embassy in collaboration with the Atlanta Police Department (APD), and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) concluded a one week Fingerprint Analysis and Forensics training program for 66 Nigerian police officers. The program was aimed at establishing a U.S.-trained group of Nigerian police investigators skilled in the proper recognition, documentation, and development of latent fingerprint evidence captured from a crime scene.

The training is part of an INL-funded program that seeks to build long-term institutional capacity within the NPF to perform duties in compliance with international policing standards and international norms. The training is also aimed at enhancing the NPF’s ability to successfully investigate crimes by acquiring necessary evidence for prosecution in Nigerian courts. The Latent Fingerprint Identification course has been so well received that the NPF is interested in bringing the APD back for additional training courses.

While congratulating the officers at the graduation ceremony, INL Director Rosalyn Wiese said now that that the officers have learned the details of how to collect and properly document latent fingerprints, they can return to their respective stations with greater confidence in their ability to protect the citizens of Nigeria. Read more

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