Ohanaeze will resist ranching in Igboland – Nwodo (SUN)

Ohanaeze will resist ranching in Igboland – Nwodo (SUN)

How do you feel about the state of security in the country?

The security apparatus of the country has failed; its management has also failed. The head of state extended the tenure of service chiefs; and the assumption was that they had done so well; they should continue to be there until their plans firm up and they can choose competent successors. First of all, I am opposed to the extension, and as a lawyer; I see it as illegal and I hope that can be tested in our courts. The civil service is under a law; the law establishing the civil service in Nigeria has tenure for the civil servant; after which he goes on retirement. I don’t know anywhere in the law that provides room for the elongation of a tenure. There is amendment in some states and federal establishments, making allowances for contract employment especially in the universities where professors may retire but they have no replacements in their areas of specialisation and they retain them on contract bases. But on those contract bases, they get less paid than when they were running their tenure and their contract is renewable after a short period; say about two years. Read more

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