Okorocha, colossal failure –Udenwa (SUN)

Okorocha, colossal failure –Udenwa (SUN)

There is no end in sight to the violence and killings especially in the Northern part of the country. Why do you think the situation has remained so despite the promise of the security agencies to deal with the problem?


Honestly, what I would say is that the government has been trying but I do not think it has been enough. I do not think the efforts of the government are enough because it is difficult to say that our whole security forces cannot combat the rate of killings that we are having in this country. Nigerians are not naturally violent people, so we should look deeply and find out the real reasons for these killings. An elder statesman like T.Y Danjuma made a very strong allegation that the Army has been compromised and a lot of Nigerians seem to believe him. This is because if our armed forces are neutral, committed to the country, we would not have this problem. I believe that they are well equipped and sufficient in number to be able to combat these armed terrorists. So, it beats me why these things are happening. That is why I am saying that Nigerians should open their eyes more, look deeper and see exactly what is happening. Read more

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