Ole! Victor Ehikhamenor calls out Damian “Heist” Hirst

Ole! Victor Ehikhamenor calls out Damian “Heist” Hirst

The art world is in some turmoil following claims made by Nigerian artist, Victor Ehikhanenor who has called out millionaire artist, Damien Hirst for appropriating and fictionalising the narrative and history behind a work bearing uncanny resemblance to an Ife Bronze heads from the 14th century.

Hirst’s ongoing exhibition, “Treasures From the Wreck of the Unbelievable” at the Palazzo Grassi in Venice features works that look like they have been excavated from a shipwreck. One of them looks like the iconic Ife Bronze Head.

The original Ife bronze head

Hirst,who has made millions, according to the Huffington Post, from the exhibition apparently did not acknowledge the provenance of the work a facf that has left African artists miffed.

Ehikhanenor has been calling attention to Hirst’s “heist” on social media and joined by Laolu Sebanjo has attracted the attention of the Huffington Post which gave it a long feature. The story has also made it to BellaNaija and Thisday.

Victor Ehikhamenor is exhibiting his work – “A Biography of the Forgotten” at the Venice Bienalle which opens today.





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