Olumide-Ojo’s Pressure Cooker motivates women for ambition (Guardian)

Olumide-Ojo’s Pressure Cooker motivates women for ambition (Guardian)

Often, online, when women-centred issues come up, especially in the context of the Nigerian woman at home or work, it quickly dissolves into arguments about feminism. It is often one of those rehashed subjects with rarely anything new being said, and with both sides coming and going away with the same sentiments they had at the beginning.

Yet, I find those discussions important—if not necessarily for their depth of thought, but for the work they do in bringing important issues to light. Women-centred issues and experiences—whether institutionally entrenched systems or personal struggles we face navigating the world as women—were rarely talked about so openly in the past, and not with the frequency with which we do now. Read more

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