One day Vic.O will die – Pearl Osibu

One day Vic.O will die – Pearl Osibu

One day Vic. O will die.

I am not swearing for him, I mean, we will all die, right? So please do not go all superstitious on me. You will die. I will die. The only question is when.


Now, that that’s been established let me say this: the true mark of a legend is how well the world prepares for their death/funeral. Did you see the great amount of care and rigour that went into Nelson Mandela’s funeral? While the rest of the world prayed and hoped he would pull through, World leaders, that pessimistic bunch went ahead and prepared the most awe-inspiring eulogies, jostled for invitations, guesstimated his ETD and endeavoured to clear their calendars around the historical event with as minimal a margin of error as possible.

picmix-tagged-19.145When the world holds their breath for you to breathe your last but ensures that when the list of those who paid tribute is rolled out, you would be amongst them, THEN, we know you are a legend.

That said, I present to you the African legend, top-notch musician extraordinaire, Vic. O. And in keeping with and even outdoing tradition, I am preparing his eulogy for (long before any one has reason to believe will be) his eventual demise. Here it is.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is an indeed sad day for this Nation. We gather here to lay to rest the greatest artiste of our times, in fact, I daresay the greatest artist and musician the world has ever known, Vic. O. Let me talk a bit about his hitherto most popular work, After Party.


After party (From the album I promise to love 4ever) began yop yop yop yop yop and went ahead to assure us that everybody ‘after party’ but I could have sworn he was saying everybody ‘havta parry’. Wharever. What I found especially genius in this video that broke the world record for the most expensive music video ever made, (competing against other acts like Kwality and Queen of Vaginas), was the friend on his right who was so into this party – that took place on a couch against a wall, and comprised of two bottles, an unnameable object and a few glasses – that unable to contain himself and driven by the excitement of this upbeat party, the great music showcasing strong lyrical content, he dropped the phone he’d been making a dummy call on, jumped up and moved about enthusiastically, just like the guy who showed up later on the far right of the screen who was also seriously chuffed.

In direct contrast, the girlfriend sitting on Vic.O’s left and cradling a teddy bear with her black eye and lip pencil was so taken by the sex appeal oozing from Vic.O’s newly bleached and pockmarked face that she, near immobile and lethargic, wrapped herself around him, completely enthralled. What was not to love?

This is the stuff of legends, a case for the theory that simplicity is best or is it less is more? This girl made a strong case for the use of local content in our music industry. Forget all these exotic exported video vixens, this is the real deal! And the way her precious teddy kept disappearing and reappearing on her lap was just nothing short of amazing. Then did you see how she kept putting her thighs across Vic.O’s? Our girls will learn a lot about seduction from this video. So what if she looked drugged. It’s part of the party spirit. Her dance was more suited to a worship session in church which is a story in contradiction and a lesson in demureness. You don’t have to twist around like a snake, twerk or whatnot to be sexy.

Vic. O continued half way, after about a minute of yop yop yopping, ‘Every time I get to party, I always like everybody…’ he didn’t say what he would like everybody to do without throwing in some more whop whop whop but that’s neither here nor there. Later he told us ‘I always like everybody to dancing together with everybody.’ The slow motion moves were just incredibly artistic. Then did you see where the screen turned to black and white? I felt chills, like nothing like this has ever been done before. No joke. I wish I’d directed this music video. Honestly. Other things he told us in this track were that ‘you gat to have your cool fun’ which I could have sworn was co-fung, but the thing with communication is understanding. See, I’m trying but I cannot capture the essence of this incredibly brilliant, innovative video, the raw talent, the creativity. Just watch it if you haven’t. Your life will never be the same.

Which is why this man is (sorry was) a legend. The evidence of a life well lived is the lives you touched and once you know Vic. O, I assure you, you can never unknow him. Also, this is a hard country and Vic. O, apart from his incredible talent/art gave us the gift of laughing aloud in pure ecstatic joy. For this, I thank him from my heart and he deserves a place in Heaven (I would say a place among the stars but he already is the brightest star).

All I need for you all to do right now is to sponsor the video for his new release Drek and ‘Mek’ Mill beef which is already breaking the internet, with such epic lines as ‘I killed the beat and give it to my friends to eat’. It has to be as glorious and Magical as After Party. Thank you.

(Editor’s note: Pearl has just discovered that Vic. O is not only from her state, he is a fellow Boki. )

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  2. Loki BuddyLove

    Epic Karma that he is from your place……i will not waste my data listening to it on youtube. thanks Pearl………..LWKMD


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